Cloud Microphones Announces Cloudlifter Zi, Vari-Z Instrument DI and Mic Activator

The Cloudlifter Zi controls the tone and gain of instruments and microphones with variable impedance, variable high-pass filter and 3-stage gain switch.

NAMM, Anaheim, CA, Booth#6327 (January 19, 2017) – Cloud Microphones brings their popular Cloudlifter® Mic Activator® technology to guitar players, bass players, keyboard players and more with the introduction of the Cloudlifter Zi Vari-Z Instrument DI and Mic Activator. In addition to giving instrument players control over their tone and gain staging from the very front of their signal chain, the new CL-Zi retains all of the original Cloudlifter-Z features for adding clean gain to dynamic and ribbon microphones.

The Cloudlifter Zi uses phantom power from any preamp to solve an array of common issues with instruments and microphones, providing up to +25dB of ultra-clean gain for XLR microphones and Lo-z sources and up to 12dB for 1/4″ instruments and Hi-z sources, using a Neutrik combination dual input connector and Hi-z to Lo-z Cinemag instrument transformer.

Variable Gain
The CL-Zi has a three-position gain switch allowing for minimum gain, more gain, or the maximum gain available (up to approx. +25db for microphones or 12dB for instruments), This allows users to access clean gain and a lower noise floor for many studio or stage applications, from an electric guitar player that uses amp modeling or an acoustic guitar player performing live to singers with dynamic microphones to increase gain before feedback on stage.

Tone Control using Vari-Z Loading and High-Pass Filtering
The CL-Zi’s variable impedance “Z” knob and high-pass filter work in tandem to create massive tone control in a unique way through the manipulation of impedance loading. This is a great way to customize your tone before the gain stage of your signal path – just turn the “Z” knob until it sounds right!



  • Fully sweep-able variable impedance loading from 150ohms to 15kohms
  • High-Pass filter frequency variable from below 20hz to over 4khz
  • Three gain settings yield up to +25dB, 12dB, or 6dB with mics and up to +12dB, 6dB, or 3dB with instruments
  • Compatible with 1/4″ Hi-z instrument inputs and XLR Lo-z microphones
  • Hi-z input of >1Mohm primary impedance prior to secondary loading via the Cloudlifter’s Vari-Z interface
  • Improves microphone gain before feedback ratio in live & public address applications
  • Easy to use self-contained design requires only phantom power
  • Compatible with dynamic, ribbon, tube, battery, or power supply driven microphones
  • Uses patented Class A, discrete JFET circuitry and patented Vari-Z user interface
  • Rugged, road-ready, and portable for studio, stage, and broadcasting
  • Free lifetime limited warranty for parts and labor with product registration
  • Manufactured and fabricated responsibly in the USA


The Zi and all Cloudlifters are available at the Midi Store.

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