Creating a DJ Mix With Ableton Live

Course Outline

Modern day music production software has become a key asset to DJs when it comes to creating a DJ mix. A huge proportion of professional DJ mixes will have been created using software and Ableton Live is the leader of the pack when doing this. If you want to create a professional DJ mix for radio or for promotion then understanding and learning this skill is a vital part of DJing.

This online course will take you deep into the process and show you just how the professionals create the perfect DJ mix. With everything from how to choose the right tracks to ordering the mix correctly this course will take you through the complete process. This course will also show you how to make your DJ mix stand out with processing the sound and adding FX to make the mix smooth and professional sounding.

This course contains over 5 hours of tutorials taking you through the full journey of Creating a DJ mix in Ableton Live and is a must for any DJ looking to learn how to create a professional sounding DJ mix.

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